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Submissions must meet the following criteria - NO EXCEPTIONS:

1. MUST BE a Louisiana Artist or Company with Louisiana contact information.
2. MUST BE Commercially Released Finished Masters or Master Quality.
3. MUST have a contact name, address and phone number typed and plainly visible.
4. You MUST have clearance and own all rights to the product. Proof should be included.
5. MUST have the Project Title/Code marked on the submission envelope.
6. MUST be received by the 15th of JUNE, 2003

The following information was issued through
New On The Charts and due to the proprietary & confidential nature of these projects we are not at liberty to divulge any additional information other than what is listed. All criteria must be met for your information to be submitted. Submissions are being made by the LMC solely as a service to you. The LMC will not act as an agent or representative on any of the listed projects. Please do not contact the LMC office to inquire as to the status of any of the listed projects. Should a project be interested in your submission you will be contacted directly.

The LMC is currently accepting submissions for the following projects:


Project Title/Code: HAS  0615
*Cartoon music copmplete with Looney sound effects
*Festive - party music for a New Year's Eve scene
***Comercially Released CD's only***  
            Project Title/Code: DTD   0615
            *Heavy Metal
*Satanic Rock
*Party Music - indies welcome
            Project Title/Code: UNT 0615
            *Goth Rock
*Uptempo Heavy Metal
            Project Title/Code: WOI  0615
*Happy Punk/Ska
*Action Music
*Songs about reaching for you rdreams and then losing them
            Project Title/Code:  LEX  0615
            *Need Underground, cutting edge techno, club, dance, house,
            Project Title/Code: RAC  0615
* 'Clean' Hip Hop - inspiring uplifting messages a plus


Project Title/Code: MTV 0615
            *Interested in techno/house/drum and bass - up and coming
acts with records to promote - major distributed labes and 
indies welcome
***Comercially Released CD's only***  
            Project Title/Code:   MTG 0615
*Same as above ***Comercially Released CD's only***
Project Title/Code: CAR 0615 *Need original masters from Pre-1934 Depression Era Music ***Comercially Released CD's only*** Project Title/Code: RNUT 0615 *Cutting edge CMJ type indie rock, electronica, hip hop - but NOT obscene ***Comercially Released CD's only***


            Project Title/Code: STR 0615 
            *Contemporary country - radio singles that tell a story -
3 songs max     
            Project Title/Code: MET  0615
            *5 member male group - 'street' Jodeci type - hit songs and tracks - \
all tempos

Project Title/Code: DRA 0 615

*Soul female R&B - Pop crossovcer - Like Toni braxton or Deborah Cox
            Project Title/Code: TKA  0615
*Pop-Latin-Dance - Uptempo singles only please
Project Title/Code: CWA 0615
*Female Pop- R&B
Project Title/Code: SNK 0615 *Progressive House - Dance Crossover Project Title/Code: JH 0615
*Young teenage male urban hip hop
Project Title/Code: NALA 0615
*Urban male R&B
Project Title/Code: EOD 0615 *Female singer/songwriter Christian Music Project Title/Code: NSC 0615 *Pop-R&B group with male and female vocals Project Title/Code: UNN 0615 *Young teenage female artist need R&B - Pop crossover Project Title/Code: UNM 0615 *Female solo 20ish artist looking for pop radio singles Project Title/Code: ANCR 0615 *Gospel with a contemporary Hip Hop edge Project Title/Code: MATA 0615 *Catchy radio friendly Blues Rock Project Title/Code: JSR 0615 *Neep hip hop tracks to rap over - producer demos welcome Please note 'solicited material' on the the outside of the envelope Project Title/Code: MWI 0615 *Inspirational Gospel - uplifting lyrics
NOTE to Managers, Record Producers, Publishers, Labels: If you are interested in receiving this information directly and you represent or have a charted artist/musician, you may subscribe to New On The Charts. Contact
New On The Charts , or visit their web site at notc.
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